Daim Chocolate Single Bar - Box containing 28g x 36

by Daim


Soft yet crunchy and sweet yet salty. Daim chocolate is a salty almond caramel, wrapped in a layer of soft smooth milk chocolate that literally melts in your mouth. The best thing about this sweet is the combination of soft and hard. The caramel inside is hard and crunchy, and if you don’t chew on it the flavour will last for twice as long. Which is twice the enjoyment.

In Sweden you will find daim integrated in all sorts of different candies such as Marabou Daim, Daim Ice cream and even Daim cakes! It is also a Swedish tradition to always have it near during Christmas, it has become part of the Christmas celebrations to also attempt making your own daim chocolate at home. For those occasions it may be wise to keep a backup bag of this Daim Chocolate from Mondelez International just in case.


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