Proper's mission is to conquer the snack market with healthy but most of all tasty snacks. In the UK, the ''Better For You Snacks'' category has been the strongest growing category for years. We are also well on our way in the Netherlands.

Proper distinguishes itself by making premium popcorn and, more recently, crisps with surprising flavour combinations. Every bag of Proper is made of the best quality and is low in calories. Proper uses butterfly popcorn that has a deliciously light and crunchy texture. Taste is our priority and each flavour never has more than 130 calories per serving. Moreover, all products are vegan and gluten-free.

The recipes come to life in the Propercorn kitchen and are unique. Founder Cassandra still comes up with all the flavours herself. Only natural ingredients are used, which give each bag a delicious full flavour. Proper believes in balance and snacking without compromise. They are proud to have recently become B Corp certified.




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