Swiss Extra Dark Chocolate (80% cacao) - Box containing 14 x 100g

by Swiss


Bean to Bar chocolate Extra dark delicious chocolate 80% cacao extra dark Bean to Bar. We know exactly where each cacaobean comes from. We believe that the origin and quality of each cacoabean has a major influence on taste. This is
why our chocolatiers work according to the "bean to bar" principle: meaning that they themselves are responsible for purchasing, roasting, grinding and finally making chocolate! CO2 neutral. Our producer HALBA, together with fair-trade
certified partners, are committed to reforestation projects and better living conditions for cocoa farmers and their families. The production process is CO2 neutral. The CO2 emissions for making this bar of chocolate are compensated by planting trees for the production of hardwood on the cocoa plantations. Fairtrade. Fairtrade cocoa and sugar may be mixed with non-certified cocoa and sugar on a mass balance basis, total 99,9%. Visit


Ingrediënten: cacaomassa, cacaoboter, suiker, magere cacaopoeder, natuurlijk aroma. Dit product kan sporen bevatten van melk, hazelnoten, amandelen en soja.


Voedingsstoffen Referentie portiegrootte
100 Gram

Energie 2471 Kilojoule, 597 Kilocalorie
Vet 48,5 Gram
Waarvan verzadigd vet 29,4 Gram
Koolhydraten 25,7 Gram
Waarvan suikers 18,3 Gram
Eiwit 8,3 Gram
Zoutgehalte 0,01 Gram


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